Saturday, October 15, 2005

Give Bees a Chance poster/greeting card

Copyright 2005 Good Nature Publishing Co. Seattle WA Good Nature Publishing Co. with artist Tammy Irvine Rear View Studio
Final art willl be watercolor. Sketch is black & white.

Give Bees A Chance

Here's a preview of a beautiful new greeting card and poster from Good Nature Publishing for your exclusive preview. It is due out mid November in time for the holidays.

Order yours today! Beautifully illustrated with colorful wildflowers, a sign that makes everyone smile and a hope for peace on earth. And good for beesness!

Give Peace a Chance 4 color greeting card (5" x 7" folded blank inside)
Retail for $2.25 ea/ $2.00 ea per dz/ $.95 cents ea per 100/ .79 cents ea per 1000

Give Peace a Chance poster 11"x 14" color poster $7.99 ea/ $5 ea for 20/ $2.50 ea per 100/.95 cents ea per 1000

Satisfaction guaranteed.

You can order by emailing me @ or call 800 631 3086

Thanks for checking it out.


Timothy Colman, poster sherpa & publisher
Good Nature Publishing Co.
Seattle WA
206 622 9522

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